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Tryouts are Auditions...


If you want a significant role on the team, you must impress the coaches during the tryout. Coaches usually have an idea of the kind of players they want on their teams. Keep this in mind when trying out. Sometimes good players don't get picked because of style, not because of talent. All players don't fit in every coaching philosophy. The goal is to play on the team, not just make the team.

Here is a strategy I used when I had to try out for teams. Find the player making the most positive impact on the other team and stop it. This will bring attention to you. If your team is struggling to do something like rebounding, turnovers, or communication, fill that void. Scoring is important but that is only one aspect that players make the mistake of only focusing on. There is only one ball but there and so many ways to impact the game.

Try out for all the teams you want to play for. They usually have a tryout fee and make sure you put your best foot forward. There are limited spots and having a little pressure to perform well is good for athletes. This will make difficult games more comfortable. Also, remember that this is not the end of the world, have fun. Do not play stiff, loosen up and be yourself on the court. Stick to your strengths and where you see the team lacking, fill that void but focus on showcasing what you do best. 

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