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Please make sure you understand the commitment for the AAU season.

1. Offseason 

When athletes get a summer break, this is the best time for them to improve on their individual skill development. The summertime is how players go from barely making the team to having a significant role on the team. There will be Basketball Camps and Clinics available throughout the summer. That could mean missing a week or two of tournaments. 

2. Vacations

Some families like to do both and don't mind missing a week or two of tournaments. The majority of players who participate in AAU have to prioritize their schedules over everything else. Some club teams allow the families to pick the schedule. Sponsored AAU teams expect more of a commitment as they go to specific tournaments and want you to plan around it.

3. Travel
Tournaments means a lot of milage. Club teams usually pick local tournaments and sponsored AAU teams tend to branch out further. Whatever you choose, be prepared for traveling and in some cases overnight stays.

4. Playing Time
There may be some instances where you travel to a tournament and your kid only plays for a few minutes. This comes with the territory. That's why it's important to choose a team that best fits your kid. After sitting through a few tournaments watching your kid sit, you start to think we could have sat at home. Before approaching the coach about playing time, first look at the player who's getting the playing time and tell your kid to outperform them in practices and with the time they get in the games.

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