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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will all of the players in the classes or groups be the same age?

A: No, but we make sure that the players participating won't compromise the integrity of the training. Skill isn't defined by age. There have been many cases where younger players are more advanced than older players. 

Q: If my child is under the required age for the youth classes but can shoot on a 10 foot rim, can they still participate?

A: If a player is younger than 8 years old and can shoot on a 10 foot rim with a 28.5 size basketball, they may participate in class.

Q: What do I do if the class I want to register for is full?

A: When a class is full, you can send us an email at with the players full name and the class you want to join.  If a spot opens up then the next player on the waiting list will be added to the class.

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