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What is AAU?

It is an abbreviation for (Amateur Athletic Union)AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports.​

AAU has helped countless athletes like myself get exposure for partial and full scholarships. If used correctly, players will not only get better but they can build relationships with the colleges they want to attend.​

AAU has two kinds of teams, a Sponsored team and a Club team?

A Sponsored Team is usually harder to make because the coaches are only looking for the best players. They usually compete at all A level tournaments. Players who make the team aren't guaranteed playing time. The coach plays whoever they want for as long as they want to. When you have a Sponsored team like this, their main goal is develop the players and win.

A Club basketball team usually has an A and B team. So if you don't make the team with the top players you can still play for the B team. Club teams usually go to B level tournaments unless they have a strong A team. Players are guaranteed playing time but the time depends on the organization. Now guaranteed playing time isn't always a good thing. This can interfere with the flow of the game because coaches have to monitor playing time. So even if it's a close game, if a player hasn't met their guaranteed playing time limit then they can enter game even if it isn't the best move to win the game.

Every organization runs its program differently. Sometimes younger talented players can play for the older teams. Other organizations only allow athletes to play for their age group. 


My ultimate goal for sharing this information with you is to help you make the best decision for your family. Too many families are going into AAU blind.  They get into a bad situation and give up on the whole AAU experience.

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